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New Management Committee nominees want to bring positive change to East Berkshire Football League

PICTURE: The East Berkshire Football League could have a new-look Management Committee next season, brining fresh ideas to the League, after nominations for new MC members were submitted last week.

There could be considerable changes to the East Berkshire Football League for next season and beyond after nominations for new members in the Management Committee were submitted last week.

The movement comes amid concerns that the League has, in recent years, lost member teams and officials, with a threat of ever-decreasing numbers and an uncertain future.

This season, the League constitution is two divisions and 19 teams only. This represents an alarming decline in participation since the EBFL last had six divisions in the 2012-13 Season.

A call for change has been voiced from both Daren Colomb and Robert Stevens, both men passionate about the EBFL and local grassroots football.

The duo share two key principles; to stop the decline in participation levels and recover the League back to former glories with a bright new future. And the pair are not alone in the idea.

Scott Young, a key figure in the rise of Chalvey Sports F.C. from a grassroots team to promotion into the Hellenic League, is a nomination for new EBFL Chairman.

And a submission has been made for Andy Giles to take the post of Referee Secretary, aided by some of the brightest young minds that spearhead the next generation of match officials.

The nominations for new members in the Management Committee were submitted in accordance to League rules last week, and must now be voted in by current EBFL members clubs during the Annual General Meeting. There were four nominations submitted, with plans for more to follow in the coming weeks.

Stevens explained: “Despite the best efforts of the current and past Management Committee(s), the EBFL continues to lose teams and officials both during and at the end of each season.

“This will come as a great shame to all those that have fond memories of the League as well as the wider local grassroots football community.

“We cannot let our League slip away, to be spoken of only when old friends reminisce over their favourite footballing memories!

“Daren and I recognise all the hard work people put into their teams and Clubs, often giving up time and resources as volunteers, and we know there is a real passion for EBFL football.

PICTURE: The EBFL is looking for new teams and match officials for the 2023-24 season. If interested, please email

“For example, the League hosted a showcase Match at Ascot United F.C. last weekend when over 150 spectators came out in the cold and rain to support two young and up-and-coming teams in a tight but entertaining game.

“This shows what can be achieved when the League makes an investment in its members, putting our best efforts into providing teams and players with a platform to showcase their talents.”

The League is now advertising for for both new teams and officials for the 2023-24 season, with key strategic meetings set to take place in the coming weeks.

Stevens added: “I recognise all the hard work people have devoted to the EBFL over the years but, I feel it is time for a change to give the League every chance to stabilise and re-grow.

“There is a lot of hard work ahead, no doubt, for whichever persons make up the Management Committee after the AGM, and there will be setbacks along the way.

“But, I sincerely hope that current member Clubs will put their faith in a new-look Committee and support the new ideas and direction it has. Their support will be vital in our plans to move into the future.”

Explaining the changes that could happen in the future of the EBFL, Colomb said: “This is a new beginning for the League with a fresh outlook. We are looking to put football in Slough back on the map.

“The new-look Committee wants to bring in fresh ideas, to improve the quality of football in its Premier Division as well as building a better pathway from youth to Saturday adult grassroots football.

“We recognise also that communications between the League and teams/officials needs to become quicker and easier.

“And we have plans to spread the reach of the League further into the local footballing community using a new-look website and devoted social media team.

“We are also keen to work with the Berks & Bucks FA and are already exploring fresh plans to provide courses for new match officials as well as a better mentoring/coaching service and more match opportunities for them.”

If anyone is interested in joining the EBFL next season, as a Committee member, a new team or a new match official, please visit our website for more information -, or email

To enter the East Berkshire Football League ahead of the 2023/24 season, or for further information about the league, or an entry form for the upcoming season, please email the team at

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